Thoughts of a 28-year-old

At the tender age of 16 I thought, “I’ll get married at 28 years old. By that age, I’m sure to be ready for starting a family. My career would have been stable already and I am sure to have done all that I wanted to do.”–sorry to say, 16-year-old Lisa, I am not stable yet and I am not ready to raise a kid, especially now the world is not ideal and probably it will never be–with Trump as the president of USA, the last male rhino has just died, and last but not the least, the president of the Philippines has little to no respect for due process, encourages locker room talk and does not understand why students from my old university are going to the streets to rally against injustice. Nope, definitely not.

I still want to have a family of my own though. I am blessed to still be in this country where I get to pursue my career and do my passions. I have however made decisions that 16-year-old me would not have imagined to make, nor would she have known that those decisions were necessary to make.

Do not get me wrong, I still would like to think that we can all live in a perfect world of joy, peace & love, but what I have witnessed probes me to think more critically about why people are the way they are, why organizations & governments choose to do what they do and how best to shine in spite of what is happening.

Up until now, I still do not have any regrets, knowing that what happened to me (good or bad) have all contributed to the person I am. Because of whoever I have encountered, whatever decisions I have made, I can say that I am happier in life. I choose to live in a purpose-filled way, I will keep on standing up for the oppressed, while I continue to love and be used by the Almighty without boundaries, without prejudice.

So on this 28th year, I sit back and reflect on how my life has been so far. I can tell all of you interested readers out there that I am definitely happy with how I am and whatever I am busying my self with. I love that I am surrounded with friends from all over the globe and I am learning so much more about life. I look forward to conquering newer heights, to meet more people from any where, and have more opportunities to make the world a better place for all of us to live in.

If there is anything I learned in the past year, it is to have courage and take control of your life because no one will live it for you, nor will they ever, even if they want to, even if they think they know what is best for you. The best person who knows you, is you. Whether you believe there is an after-life or not, your life on Earth is supposed to count and you determine how you measure that for you. My hope and prayer, is that you, the reader, will also be inspired to reach beyond your borders because only then will you be able to experience the unimaginable, touch more lives and create your own meaning.

Cheers to life! Cheers to love!



4 thoughts on “Thoughts of a 28-year-old

  1. Hahaha, I definitely made those same kind of plans when I was younger. I thought that by 19, I would be mature, confident, and definitely have a boyfriend! Though that is much farther than the truth. I seem to still be in the soul-searching phase, like many others millennials lol.

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