Of Good Intentions

Have you ever done something good that turned out bad? Does bad ever come out from good?

Coming from a three-week holiday in the Philippines, I had a lot of time (the whole weekend) to reflect on things that have happened. The dominant issue of the season is about doing something one thinks is good, but the deed/deeds having ended or received negatively.

I believe that people are generally good, it’s part of having been born and raised in a Christian Filipino family. I was taught to share my resources through observing how my parents treat people. My folks opened our house to relatives who were on holidays, providing them with food, shelter, sometimes, clothing. Regular meetings/fellowships would be at our house and my parents would entertain people with food and drink, and giving them access to every nook and cranny in the house, heck they can even go to my parents’ bedroom if they wanted. I grew up seeing my dad and mom lend money, even when they don’t have much left in the bank, because the person in need needs it more than we do. They offer their time to those who need it and they still do to this day. So, I ended up believing that we should help, and do good to make the world a better place.

Thinking on these things, and whatever transpired during my vacation, I realized that not every good deed, or intention will be reciprocated or will be well-received. I’m going in circles.

Take for example, and this is only an example, you have two close friends who are not in good terms with each other, you want them to set aside their differences and be friends again because you don’t like that you can only hang out with one or the other, so you decided to set-up a date with both of them, without telling them, a surprise opportunity for both to talk things through. Friend A arrives, sees Friend B and the atmosphere suddenly becomes hostile. They both get mad at you and makes things worse not only in their relationship with each other, but also in the relationship they have with you. Good intention, bad reception.

I don’t want to go into specifics and I know this article can sound quite vague, but this season I am in right now, I have plenty of opportunities to be kind and do good, but things don’t always end in the way I want them too. My intentions are good, I want to help, so I helped. No strings attached, I just want to do good but these past few months, I’ve just gotten negative reception. It is all the more sad because the reception I got were from people who are very close to my heart. Maybe I should have done things differently, maybe I should have thought whatever things I did through, we may never know.

What’s the point of this article anyway?

The point is, I realized, that despite the outcome of my good intentions, I should just keep doing good. Some people may not understand why, I can be called selfish or stupid, but as long as I know that I know my truth–that my intentions are honest and good, I will be okay. I just need to be strong and deal with the response I will do good because I know I stood for something good. I need to suck it up and live.


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