From across the hill, among people on a picnic–it was like Coachella, except there was no music, she stood there dumbfounded as a person from her past stood across her. Cliché as it was, time stood still for a second. Then, as she snapped back into real time, she sprinted towards him, lunged into his arms, surprised they were there to catch her. All she can utter was, “I’m sorry”–tears streaming down her face as he wrapped her in a warm embrace. He spoke and said, “I’m sorry” and in between sniffles, his arms locked her close.

Regrets were said, apologies were uttered, forgiveness was given. The long awaited moment between him and her had come at last. It seemed to last for hours, as they caught up with one another. The exchange of stories filled their hearts. It was as if no time was spent apart. ,

Acceptance finally. Acceptance of the fact that both had different lives now. Acceptance that once upon a time, they had their time and that time was done.

They said their goodbyes, turned their back against each other and headed towards where they needed to be. The curtain drew to a close. Her eyes opened to her dark room, she let out a deep sigh. She got out of her bed and started a new day.


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