Scene 1

The scene faded in on a phone beeping. My eyes opened to a familiar person, one who I haven’t spoken to in months. I am not one who gives up but I was pushed over the edge and I found that I have nothing more to give–I am all out.

Scene 2

My eyes now fixed on a chat box filled with photos of my beloved with this person. My blood boils as if the wounds have just been opened fresh. Rage fills my body as I scroll through and look at each photo thinking to myself, “I was not there, I couldn’t have prevented it from happening. I trusted you.”

Scene 3

I confront my beloved by showing him the photos sent to me by this person. He looks at me as if he’d been found out. The person who sent me the message was standing by, she took my beloved by hand and ran. I ran after them, caught up with them and snapped their hands apart. I then come up to this person and took a bunch of her hair and dragged her on pavement–her screams do not move me. Scene fade out.



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