Losing Me

You’re losing me–
with your voice that towers over the skyscrapers in the city,with every word that rips my person into shreds like tattered sheets.
The four corners of the room like a full on screamo concert,
and I am no fan of the genre.

You’re losing me–
as you insist your views on me, force-feeding them through
every accusation, I am lost in a pool of self pity and questioning.
Have I done anything good? All the beauties I possess like termite-damaged photos
fading into the small crevices and dark spaces.

You’re losing me–
as you shelf me into categories of people you know,
as you define who I am, as you put your words into my mouth,
my voice no longer heard, even in my head.
You’re losing me, you said you needed me.

But maybe, just maybe, you just thought you did,
but you didn’t really.


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