Just Me


They tell you that you are not alone,
that you need not feel alone because they say
they are there–so tell me why

when you reached out for a hand, nothing is there?
and late at night when the pain takes a bit longer to bear,
do they come from the shadows to wrap
their arms around you to hold every little piece
of your heart that’s breaking and taking every
breath that you breathe out your lungs
and as they expand, you feel amounts of your life escaping, that your life is fading from the once sturdy girl
who thought she was blessed to be surrounded by family
and friends that had her back, and by a God who would fill every lack,
every gap of the incompleteness that cloaks every soul on this earth?
no, there was no one.

No one who can share in the pain that was caused by
the ones who want to share in the pain–the irony
of saying, I will be there or I will support you
only to cause alienation, indifference and
the never ending scenario of taking, and taking but
not giving–not giving back

That at the slightest mistake, you are criticized and talked about
behind your back by the very ones who said the would be there.
They could but they would. not. be.
And so you see.

It. Is. Just. Me.


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