30-Day Writing Challenge

7c7a3c1f2199aa1a06904994c195755dIt’s been a while since I did any writing challenges. I figured I need to up the ante a bit when it comes to my writing–I feel like I’m getting rusty. This 30-day challenge might just help me get back on the horse.

A lot has been happening lately. 2015 definitely has some major things for me and because of the goings-on, I just felt the need to help my mind release some of the tension and this is exactly what I need to distract myself from the day to day thoughts on life.

Let’s see how I do. It won’t be a consecutive writing challenge, I will promise to have at least one post per week.

Join me in this adventure! Feel free to start your own 30-day writing challenge too. God bless you all!


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