The Nearness of You

Leagues away, a feeling lingers almost impossibly–
so much time has passed.
As I watch this memory, of when when we were side by side
under the sky, so vast.

Ask the corners of my room how wide awake I am,
every time you’re on the other side of the screen.
Ask the notebooks where I have poured out my heart,
Love they’ll shout your name every time.
Ask my guitar about the many times,
you have made my heart sing.
Ask the many songs in my playlist,
they’ll only play our memories, they’ll only play our dreams.

Who needs liquid courage when I have you?
Love I can feel you from a thousand miles away.
Though time and space come in between,
you are with me everyday.

Through invisible lines, my heart strings connect to yours–
In a moment’s notice, I will say it once more,
“You have this heart. It’s a wide-opened door,
no matter the distance you know who it’s for. “


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