A Child’s sentiments

No child deserves to know any parents’ deep dark secret. Children must be left to keep their faith, their trust on their parents for as long as they live.

Our parents are but human, they are flawed. They surely made a few grave mistakes when they were younger or well, whatever age they are in now, they will make mistakes; heck they are probably making mistakes now. While they are not exempted to making mistakes, my view is that they should probably think of the consequences of their actions.

Parents are there, not only to nourish their children to adulthood, but to serve as support and most especially as guiding light to their children–they are the first human beings that their kids will see living their lives. Everything that a child will see in his/her parents’ lives, will be bricks that will build a child’s character, set of principles etc. The moment an inconsistency happens, there is struggle and chaos and that is the moment one block from the foundation is crushed and the rest of the wall comes crumbling down.

I know we shouldn’t put anyone at all in a pedestal, but one cannot help but look to the first beings we’ve laid their eyes on–the safe guard while growing up. The cornerstone and light while discovering who we are as individuals. Everyone is faulty, and everyone has the right to make mistakes but if we do make mistakes or make choices that we know deviates from a life we profess, we look at the consequences, at the ripples because those ripples might be tidal waves to other people’s lives, especially our children

These are my sentiments nowadays. The struggle is real. No way in heaven did I expect one truth to affect the way I look at life. I still think that 2015 will be an awesome year and it is proving to be right now but I also anticipated some new challenges and handling the facts in my life now proves to be a real challenge.


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