To my godson, with love from Tita-Ninang

Little one, when you’ve truly opened your eyes to the world
and see it with your own eyes, your perspective, your judgment–
please know that your parents did their best to make it beautiful for you.

If the shield from your eyes suddenly breaks,
and you think to yourself that the world you’ve known is not what it seems,
look to the shelter they are providing for you.
Not even a hint of dirt or dust could reach you through the walls
that are painted with love, that fills the atmosphere to the brim and more.

If band-aids are no longer enough to heal and ease the pain
and the familiar hands that have held you since you came to life–
do not seem to know what’s wrong,
you can reach for my hand–but with no promises of consoling you,
but one that will be honest with you and will tell you the things you need to know.

If one day, the blankets are not enough to bring warmth to your troubled heart–
look to your parents, look to me–
reach for that phone and dial home and we will be here
with a warm, home-cooked meal and arms that will be ready when you need them, when you need us.
We will be here to support you and guide you and love you.
Little one, we are here.


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