With that glass of sangria in hand, her eyes fixed on the dance floor–the music had a beat to it and she couldn’t help tapping her feet as she sat there by the bar. Crowded room, the venue was not half bad. The music filled the air as the live Latino Band jammed on stage, the music was inviting, people were bopping their heads and tapping their fingers onto whatever surface they could tap on. Then couples stood up to go to the dance floor, the groove took over, swaying and swinging began, laughter emerged from the small crowd that had gathered in that once empty space in front of the stage. Dear me, what am I still doing here sitting? the voice in her head echoed throughout her being.

The music seemed to know what exactly she was thinking, the crowd seemed to answer the question in her head as they made each movement electric and alluring with every move. They seemed to say, Come! Join us. Dance the night away. She shook her head, I am imagining things again. No person would be excited to see me dance. She took a sip and watched as the crowd hyped up to the beat of the drums and the notes on the guitar that hopped from one string onto the other.

She look at her glass of sangria in hand, not much of a party in this drink. Nothing fancy about it at all. Then a hand emerged out of nowhere. To her surprise she looked up to see a smile and a pair of eyes that asked, How long are you going to stay here miss? Then the lips moved and said, Dear, the night is young to sit alone, come. Join us. Let’s dance the night away.


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