A Shoutout across the Distance

Hear me calling–
across the distance, through the flight paths & oceans
hoping you could hear my voice.
It’s like you’re billions & trillions of light years away
judging from the way this silence covers the miles between
us, to my disgust–I can’t ask you or demand from you,
this is all true because these feelings and dealings
are practically new to you & I.
So I’ll just shout through the phone lines, to the night sky–
shift all the letters to ALL CAPS in my messages
because it’s no use.
I can’t really do anything about the miles in between;
we’re like Mercury and Pluto orbiting to make a revolution.
I have to be where I am at & you have to be where you are
because if our worlds collide now, it’ll be one big bang across the galaxy.
We don’t want a catastrophe, do we?


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