It started with Tea

That tea shop was definitely meant to be shared to her friends–she thought. Not because the tea was just yummy, well it is mind you, but because the guy that runs the shop had a most charming smile. The kind  that takes your breath away, sweeps you off your feet, the kind that makes you forget what to order, like tea for example.

Everyday she would make her way to the tea shop to get her sweet tea and her sweet glimpse of him. She would frequent the shop to just see him and that’s why she easily got that 11th free cup within a week or two. She kept wondering if he noticed that she was always there and if he noticed her eyes saying, “I want to hear you ask more than just my order, I want you to thank me not only for buying tea.”

The guy was always there by the counter, ready to welcome her with his smile and a “good morning.” He was there ready to bid her “Goodbye, see you again.” Days passed and every time she would come in, he would now personally take her order. Their eyes would meet before she’d tell him, “The usual.” At some days he would recite to her what she was about to say, “milk green tea with big pearls, normal ice and 50% sugar?”

Everyday he was there for her. Then one day, he wasn’t there.

The following day, he still wasn’t there. Then a week passed, no, he was still not there.

Then one day, she finally saw him, behind the counter, with his headband of two violet horns, looking at his compact with his thick lashes. He looked up and saw her, he giggled and then with his chick-tinted lips he smiled that charming smile said, “Good morning. Welcome! What tea would you like today?”


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