Day 30: Your reflection in the mirror

“We are the inheritors of a wonderful world, a beautiful world, full of life and mystery, goodness and pain. But likewise are we the children of an indifferent universe. We break our own hearts imposing our moral order on what is, by nature, a wide web of chaos.”
Colin Meloy, Wildwood


And finally we come to the final letter of this challenge–a reflection. When you stare at the mirror real intently, the image reflected stares back the same. I haven’t done that in a while but after all the things that I look back to this very moment, I understand one thing and now I finally write.

To the beautiful mess which you are,

If you observe the world or even the universe in all its state and grandeur, you’ll find that it is in utter chaos and as a being of the universe yourself, you’ll find that you are also a little piece of chaos. In the process of discovering, un-discovering and re-discovering the self, I have found out so little about you and I am surprising myself every time you come up with a decision that I know not to be part of you.

Twenty-three years of you–all twenty-three years nearly on your twenty-fourth has told me so little about you. You have definitely changed–from yesterday, from 10 years before to date–there is no denying. I am still making up my mind whether or not this is a good thing. It is scary this season for you though, the Rollercoaster Ride is still not over but you’re getting to one of the summits–hold on real tight!

There is just this peace that is hovering about you even though you are pushing yourself to the limit, know that you have nothing to fear because well, you’ve always got Daddy God and He will never, ever lead you to your destruction. As you continue to delight yourself in Him, I pray that He may give you the desires of your heart too–yes, even in that particular area of your life.

I am really excited for you. Just keep on doing what you should be doing. Finish what needs to be done and eyes on the prize! Be open to the changes. Be prepared to get hurt and remember to enjoy as well! Life’s a ride and you better love it! Do the things you think you should be try as well–no regrets, yeah? Keep the passion for music burning–embrace it, take it all in. Be grateful for the everyday you open your eyes to greet the morning sun! Learn to prioritize things that matter. Make it a point to see which things should matter and which ones shouldn’t.

You still have much to learn you know, I know you know that.

Take care of yourself. Learn. Live. Love.


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