Day 25: Your Dreams

To you, the things in life that I set my eyes ever jealously on,

Now, in the dark, I sit and type as I look to you my stars, my dreams–you draw closer and closer as I take one step forward every single day I open my eyes to the mornings or afternoons.

I wrote to you then, I’m writing to you now. You keep me moving forward in this life–some of you which were once fleeting are now within my grasp and I enjoy the euphoria that invades my very being at the realization that yes, you are finally here.

This year, you have been good to me. You dreams which are part of my passion for music have been good to me. You lifted me up at the time I needed you most. You dreams in music have been my salvation for the lowest part of my 2013 and I am thankful that the Good Lord has finally put you within my grasp. I wasn’t sure whether to pursue you because it was an uncomfortable thing to do, but when I jumped in, I realized that it was the best choice I ever made in my whole stay in this nation. I thought I had you finally during the early years but you came in full blast this year and I have God to thank for that–my dearest Daddy God finally allowed you to be within reach. All praise to Him who makes everything beautiful in His time. We have a long way to go but now that you are here, I am filled with joy that together, we are doing what must be done according to our calling in life.

To the other dreams that are still so near yet so far, I will conquer you one day and we will make living on this earth worth the while. Just you wait. I will go the distance and work my hardest to have you.

Keep on enticing me as I pursue you. Fan aflame the dying embers and set me ablaze for you.

I will run to you and fly.

’til you are within grasp,



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