Day 22: Someone you want to give a second chance to

I believe that we have to give endless chances because if we are redeemed, we must have been given countless chances ourselves, by who? By none other than our Father who sent His only son, Jesus to die for our sins to redeem the world. We didn’t deserve it then, we don’t deserve it now, but because of His love and of His grace, we are here, we open our eyes to endless opportunities every single day.

But for this letter’s subject, I shall write a letter to someone I really know, someone who right now doesn’t deserve a second chance but needs it, someone like me. Forgive me, I have to be selfish on this one.

Dear Lisa,

It was a transition between seasons, the last time I wrote to you. You were as usual, struggling, trying to get back on your feet because you made some choices that worked against you. From the curtains, I looked and saw how you stumbled and fell. Boy, did you fall hard! I could not help but think of the countless times you took wrong turns, came back scratched, scathed and scared. Didn’t I tell you to be wise? Didn’t I tell you to be careful? Didn’t I tell you to listen?

Time and time again, I have reminded you of the things that you should and you should not do. Time and time again, you did exactly what I told you not to.

But, like always, I cannot find it in my heart not to give you a break. We are one after all. It means I’m with you in every decision you make. I’m there every time you decide to do something and I let it all happen because I want you to see how you will deal with it.

I would just like you to know that every single day that God created, you get to wake up and have a fresh start. You decided to make or break your day. You decided how to love and who to love. You decide how to discourage or encourage. You decide. You with me. Us. We decide.

When you feel lost, remember to always look back and see how God sees you. Look back and see Him standing. Look back and see Him ready to receive you in His big arms and hug you ever so tightly. Remember that He’s always there and that He will not go away not unless you choose to abandon Him and even if you do abandon Him, He will always be on the look out for you to go back.

Know that nothing will ever be more powerful than His love. It will wash away every bad thing you have in your whole being–that is if you will allow Him to. His love will always give you complete, honest assurance that you will always have someone that loves you and that will never, ever change.

Learn to forgive yourself for every mistake, every stumble, every bruise because you are already forgiven by that Man who was hung on a tree, the cross. You have that, and that will never, ever be taken away from you.

Dig deeper into you and find that at your very core is the love that was spilled when the hands and feet of the One who gave it all away–the Lover of your Soul, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God, Jesus. That, in itself is a very important and priceless reminder that you have what it takes to seize each chance that’s given to you and make the most out of it.

You have all the love in you to give out to the people around you. Spend each moment making sure that no one feels unloved. As you open your eyes tomorrow, open them to another chance in life to give out your love to people.

I cannot say anything more.

To love and to just love,



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