Day 21: Someone you judged by the wrong impression

I’ve pondered a lot about who I should address this letter to. I’ve also gone back and searched my memories of people I’ve misjudged by just the initial encounter. I realized we have no right to judge anyone but there is also no denying that it is somewhat rooted in our souls to label things, to shelf them into categories and more often than not, the categories are divided into what’s bad and what’s good according to our perception of life, according to our beliefs.

I realized that I’ve misjudged a lot of people especially during my teenage years. And so to those faces that come to mind, I write this letter

To the people I never gave a second chance to,

I’m sorry. You are probably not part of the circle I revolve in as of this moment because I was too judging. I have shut the doors by just looking at your appearance or hearing you speak. I’m sorry. I am in no place then and I am still in no place at present to shut any of my doors to anyone.

‘Why?’ you may ask, simply because I am no better than anyone. Just like everyone else, I have done things that may have been worse than what you have done. I believe that there is no sin too big or too small in the eyes of the Loving Father, but being the human being that I am, my judgment unto the things I have done is that, I am no better than most people.

I am sorry if I acted as if I was better than you and gave you no right to be a friend, taking away any chance from you to prove yourself, not that you needed to prove yourself to me then. I’m sorry if ever I acted all high and mighty and made you feel small. You did not deserve any of that. I could only wish I had the power to turn back time.

I know I can never make up for making you feel bad because I know I could’ve probably said something bad about you the minute I didn’t like you but I would like to try.

I can say these things now not because I am now perfect but because I have experienced receiving forgiveness, love and trust without any condition. It is because I was given countless chances to do good, to prove myself and improve myself that I am able to say this today.

I pray that when I meet any of you someday, I’d be able to shake your hand and be someone who will give you encouragement, who will extend friendship and time to you without having any second thoughts doing so.

With this letter, I hope for your forgiveness and for a second chance to get to know you.





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