Day 19: Someone who pesters your mind good or bad

Once in a while there is that person that captures your attention.

It is like an itch that goes away then resurfaces. My mind wanders off in search for a familiar face in the crowd. I walk the familiar streets in anticipation of meeting someone.

This is all new. There is this fresh crisp feeling, smelling of orange rinds and sea breeze when a particular face comes up. There is neither heaviness nor pressure when my thoughts are channeled towards that direction of thinking of how the muscles of this person’s face relaxes and contracts as he/she is engrossed in the ideas of the current conversation

To you who has captured my attention,

You had me on the second hello.

It was a rare moment to come across a person I wasn’t aware I’ve met before, who even reminded me of how we met. Rare. Very rare. You walked up to me and said ‘hi’. You could readily tell that I was clueless about you. You gave me affirmation on how I sang–I was grateful, though you left me feeling weird somewhat, a good kind of weird.

The first official conversation we had, I must say, I was impressed. You have substance. I found myself hooked and it’s not really that common for me to engage in that kind of conversation–so few people know how to talk and listen nowadays.

Thank you. Thank you for walking up to me to say ‘hi.’ It is because of you that I look forward to the walks that I take every time I go out. I have something to look forward to at every street corner.

I hope I see you soonest and that we can get to know each other more.

Looking forward to walk with you again,



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