Day 16: Someone who is not in your country

To someone who is not in the country I am in now,

You look up the sky and you just know that the rainy season has passed. Parts of Cambodia are submerged in flood. It is a pitiful sight sky view and you’d wish you were in another country that didn’t acquire so much water.The long stretch of road alongside an open sewer pollutes that part of the city where it runs. The full moon tonight has never been so full and I do not know why I said that.

As of this moment, I know that you are in a country that is not in Asia, pity that you’ll have to endure the cold soon. Phnom Penh’s still the same. The city’s streets are filled with the mix of luxury cars and your rough road motorbikes. Traffic jams everywhere especially during rush hour. You will still get pissed every single time you are out on a moto on the streets, people seem to have no sense of order. Red means “stop” and Green means “go.” I know that you have observed the way they drive around here but other places could still be worse.

Street 51 is as busy as always. Its one-way end couldn’t be more alive at night as both locals and foreigners flock in search of an escape from their day jobs and well, life. I haven’t frequented it as often as I do now. The other end of this long stretch of a road is busy during the mornings until late afternoons–business people running about to and fro, grabbing a cup of cafe americano or a cold glass of bubble tea. It is still nice to spend afternoons in any coffee/tea shop hear. I would have loved to have spent one with you.

I do know you miss the heat of the summer you spent here. Of course. Why wouldn’t you? You met me here. Well, this is my letter and I could be as selfish and conceited as I want. I would like to believe that it was a memorable time because you met me and we got to talk and I believe that it isn’t every day when you could meet someone like me. We never did get to spend much time–much by the way I defined it. A few minutes definitely isn’t much. I would have loved to spend more time talking with you but I couldn’t and I didn’t have the heart to say that to you up front.

I hope with all my heart that you would have the time to come back and I hope I am here when you do. I hope, if that does happen, I’d be able to talk to you as much as I want about life and that you’d want the same.




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