Day 9: Someone you wish you’d meet

When you come across such subject, “someone you wish you’d meet.” One would often think of celebrities or people who are famous in this world. Well, there is no denying that we somehow want to rub shoulders with those who are known. It is always a privilege to be close with someone popular–may it be back in the elementary days or at this present moment. We feel that we share in the fame if we have a friend whose name is known by society. There’s nothing shameful about that. It’s just how life is.

But when this particular subject comes to my mind, I somehow always shy away from reality and retreat into the world inside my head. I travel to a particular scenario some 8 years ago, into the realms of my unattached realities and found this familiar yet distant face.

Dear You,

I wrote about you when I last did this project ( which means that until today, the feelings have not changed. We met in my dreams and you have captured my heart. I don’t think there is anyone in this world I’m living in that could measure up to you. The way your eyes burned with love when you looked at me in that white dress. They spoke and they said, “Behold, my love, my bride comes.” No one has made me feel that way, not in all the years that I have lived on this earth.

Because I regard you in such manner, I am afraid that I might meet you and find that you are not what I expected you to be, at least, not yet. I’m scared that I might pass you by and not even recognize you and won’t get to see you ever in this lifetime. It has been eight years since I last saw you and the only thing I can remember was the way you looked at me. In reality, I fear, that is not enough to help me in recognizing you.

If ever, the scenarios I am imagining will happen, about me passing you by, I hope you will be the one to reach out and grab hold of me and never let me go. I’m a bit difficult to deal with as my heart is scarred already by the harsh realities of this world, so I hope you will not give up in trying to prove to me that you are the man I met 8 years ago.

I’m still a hopeless romantic, I realize. I am still waiting for you.

These days, I am not that anxious to see you. It’s my season to slow down. A season to discover more of myself and not look for anyone in particular and it’s awesome. I hope that you are also on the quest to discover more of yourself and that you are enjoying life as much as I do, so on that day when we shall finally meet eye to eye, we have a lot of things to talk about–adventures, things that we have discovered in our journey apart and well, things that we wish to share to one another. I just know it will be great.

Some people say that I just go and get into a relationship with whoever, but I know deep in my heart that I am still not there yet. So I say to you, don’t rush. We have a lot of time in our hands to be our own person. If you already think that you are the person you want to be then come find me. I will be waiting for you. I am actually waiting now for you.

I’ll see you when I see you,



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