Day 8: Internet Friend

The world right now is closely-linked via the internet. The World Wide Web has bridged people and well, has made some all too familiar with people that they tend to think, “He/She will always be a click away–there’s no need to rush in talking with them.” I digress, the internet is a very useful tool that helps people in all sorts of ways in any area of life may it be career, cooking or anything at all. Man is certainly amazing to have made it work. But I somehow miss hand-written letters, long land line calls and actual dates that have been replaced with e-mails and online video chatting. Life is much simpler and complicated at the same time too.

Anyway, Internet Friend for me, at the moment is someone whom you’ve met online but haven’t met in person. Since, I have met most of my internet friends in person already, most of them I got to know first before I added them up, one particular person comes to mind.

Dear Good Sir,

I know once you read the salutation, you’ll know that it’s you. Only you can identify who you are because I only started using that name when I first talked to you online. It is so funny how in the short time span that I have known you, you actually earned a place in this project. Your timing, it seems, is perfect for you, in this season of my life. You have earned my interest and it is actually fun talking to you.

Thank you for adding me up in Facebook because you made an effort to get to know me and because in the days that we talk, it is always a more or less a conversation that makes sense and that my friend, is very important for me to have.

I can’t tell you much in this letter because I haven’t known you that long. All I know is that right now, I do look forward in talking with you.

I just want you to know that it’d be great if we actually meet each other in person. I hope that it is soon.

’til next chat session,


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