Day 7: Worst of Times

Trials, suffering, obstacles, brokenness, death–things that are mostly perceived as negative are natural in life. I’m not saying that we should just take them lightly as they come naturally in life. These things can never be taken lightly. No one will ever get used to having them in life, this, I believe, is true. But they are also things that make us grow into who we are. They strengthen us and they make us see the brighter things that life has to offer. I’m saying, they will all eventually come to pass leaving any person better than they were before they had them.

People living in my birthplace are suffering right now. A well-known group has taken over a certain area of the city and has taken in hostages. It is a sad reality that in my country, these things happen but my people have not lost hope because they cling to each other and to Someone higher than them.

To the people of Zamboanga City,

I do not know what it is like to feel afraid because of other people terrorizing a place you call ‘home.’ I do not know what it’s like for relatives to be held hostage or to lose someone because somebody shot him/her with gun. I feel somewhat distant from this matter because I am living far-away but that doesn’t mean that I do not care. I have been praying for you since the incident started and I hope that somehow, I am contributing in the resolution of this circumstance.

I want you to know that you are not alone in this predicament, that there are lots of people all-over the world who are praying for you. You might feel a little bit isolated now but I hope you find comfort in the fact that your fellowmen who are in other parts of the country and of the world are keeping close watch and are sending requests to heaven for this situation to end.

Just like other predicaments, this too shall pass. This too shall end.

I want you all to stay safe, inside the comfort of your homes. I want you to not lose hope. I want you to keep on looking forward to another day. I want you all to strengthen your hearts and your frames. I want this all to end for you.

Hold on brothers and sisters. Hold on. It will all be over soon.

No prayer is in vain. No prayer is unanswered. Just keep the faith and hope, trust in the One you believe in. Remember that faith can move mountains.

Continuing to kneel for all of you,



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