Day 3: Your Parents

Ever-dearest Dad and Mom,

I would forever be thankful because I was placed under your care, that I flourished from a little seed into an individual under your wings, that I am continuously guided by your words of wisdom and covered by your love. I have told you this many times and I say it again, no daughter could ask for more with you as parents.

You are pillars for me to cling to the time when I still needed something to help me stand. You still remain to be pillars that hold up the foundations you’ve lain for me to stand on, pillars that continue to support my fragile frame against the harsh conditions of the world.

You watered me with much love and care. You saw to it that I knew right from wrong. You wouldn’t always tell me what was bad but when I made mistakes, you’d patiently remind me and direct me to the right path where you’d provide me with so much wisdom about life, love, anything and everything under the sun.

Growing up, you saw to it that I got, not everything I wanted, but everything I could ever need–a home, an education, food on the table, clothes on my back, confidence, strength, security and most of all, faith in Someone much greater than I.

You did your best to shelter me from harm but you gave me enough ground to discover the world for myself. You let me go when you saw that I was ready to walk the world on my own, gave me an embrace, a tap on the back, a kiss on the cheek, wings of courage and strength and off I went.

Through the seasons of my life–from dirty diapers to scraped knees to broken hearts to dreams reached to more dreams dreamed to where I am today, you have been there and you continue to be–untiringly giving your support and love.

I am truly blessed to be your daughter. I will  forever and always be thankful to the Almighty Father for being your daughter.

I love you to infinity and back,



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