Day 2: Crush

The term sounds somewhat childish for me but there is no denying that at certain seasons in life we come across people that go under this label. Crush–a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special, according to ye old urban dictionary, for some reason I find that last phrase ironic. The definition seems accurate, so I guess the recipient of this letter, in my opinion, abides by the chosen description. To be honest I can’t think of any person that I have a burning desire to be with at the moment, so I guess I will resort to the person who I love to spend time with at present.

Dear You,

I’m sorry if you are anonymous in this letter. I will sink into the earth’s core if you come upon this article and happen to discover that this letter is actually for you. I’m freakin’ sure you will not let me forget about this. You’re that kind of person. You seem so sure about yourself and in passing I think you even told me that you didn’t believe in God or in any religion, you only believe in yourself. I haven’t been looking at anyone in particular nowadays because well, allowing myself to get into romance and all that crap, is something I cannot afford to do this moment–firstly, because I just came out of a slight depression, secondly, because I have to keep my priorities in line. But I thought of writing to you and about you because you fit the definition, but I wouldn’t call the desire, a ‘burning’ one.

I’m just glad that you’re there. You make me laugh in all your silly ways and you’re just a feel-good guy. It’s fun when you’re around. You entertain me. You amuse me and that is maybe why I thought of you when I came across this letter’s subject. When you’re around, the place is bright. I see you as a super kind, funny guy. You are unique in every way, I have never met anyone like you, which is probably why you gained my interest.

I love listening to your stories. I love how you are passionate at just about everything you talk about everything you do, how surprisingly profound you could be at times and how self-conscious you are. I love how you think about your own life, about your future plans. I especially love it when you tell me things that you don’t get to tell others. Above all, I just love how I met you this season in life. You keep things interesting and I don’t ever get tired of having you around, yet, I might, but not yet. The fun part about having a crush on you is that, there is no pressure to reveal who you are because everything’s just chill. I am quite content at the secrecy of crushing on you right now, I don’t think I will ever tell you and it’s okay.

I’ll see you around then,



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