It Takes Faith

It takes Faith…

On the first day of school, the very first day ever in your life, you’re a kid, you just got in, you do not know anyone. You are far from the comforts of home because the last person you really know, your mom, just dropped you off and has driven away, leaving you to learn how to stand on your own two feet and to make your first attempt to have a place in a world that is outside the four corners of your house–it takes faith to step inside the classroom, it takes faith to finally open up to a world that will eat you the moment it can. That faith, in whatever entity it might be, may it be in your mom or dad or God or yourself, it takes that very thing to do what you did way, way back into pre-school–you had faith that the world outside home would be pleasant, that new friends will be found and that the adventure you were excited about will finally begin. It takes faith.

It takes faith to take that entrance exam in the university of your choice, faith to believe that you will make it despite the fact that the time not being enough, not giving you the proper review you were hoping for. It takes faith to blacken the circle of your choice with that no. 2 Mongol Pencil and it takes faith to finally close the booklet and hand in your answer sheet when the time is up.

It takes faith to go to the university, faith that somehow your good future will start with the first steps you make walking through the campus gate. It takes faith to raise your hand to answer the professor’s question even if you are not sure that the answer you have is not what he was looking for. It takes faith to have your graduation picture taken despite the uncertainties of graduation and it takes faith to finally get that graduation gown.

It takes faith to step down from the stage after you’ve received your diploma, finally after four or so years. It takes faith to get your last pictures taken with college friends whom you won’t really see much of in the life after college.

It takes faith to make that resume and pass it to your desired company. It takes faith to finally click that ‘send’ button, believing that the email will be read and the person you sent it to will take the time to download your cover letter and resume that are attached to the mail. It takes faith to go to a job interview not knowing if it will go as you planned it to be. It takes faith to go to your new job despite the world’s economy, the global crises and the wars.

Finally it takes faith to close your eyes to sleep without knowing whether or not you’ll wake up the following morning.


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