On Change

Cliche as it may seem, the only constant thing in life is change and change, I realized, is really not as negative as some people perceive it to be.

I used to see change as painful, because it required me to let go of things in general. There is shedding that happens because some things that you carry with you will not be useful anymore for the next season which you are going to enter. It is amazing how in transitions, you are pointed to what things you need to let go of and what things are worth keeping, you realize the priority for the season and the unnecessary things that need to go.

I digress, it is definitely hard to let go. Things that you have become attached to are so closely knitted to your soul, that to let go of them is like literally ripping off or cutting some parts of you and you feel the absence of these things that were removed and you grieve for a time.

But change, I’ve come to know that is it what you make of it. I choose to look at the positive side and take it as something that will help me grow into the person I desire to be, even if the factors that come with it will mean wounds to my soul–wounds eventually heal. I choose to come out of transitions changed and a better person than I was and thinking so always makes it better.


disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the photo shown above. Thank you.


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