A Day in the Office

When God created the heavens and the earth, I wonder if He could’ve installed rules or commandments on how people should do things. Of course He created the world all by Himself, because He is just so awesome like that and He has all the powers needed to finish such a complex deed to the minutest detail, even though it took Him technically six days to put it together, glitters and sparkles included. You can see that it took all of Him–the Trinity, who are one and three at the same time ( boom! wrap your minds around that!) to create this masterpiece called ‘Everything’ aka The Universe and all its beings.

Now God, I’m sure didn’t have a problem on the division of His labor because He is God. We, human beings, however, have to work together to get things working and done. We function in a system which ideally aims to delegate certain responsibilities to to certain people. More often than not, we give a specific responsibility to a certain person because it is their expertise, because it is their strength. We make the workload lighter by distributing the job equally–this is supposed to be how it should go, right?

Now here are some of the things I have noticed as I tread about in life about divisions of labor…

On not functioning in your assigned task–growing up in a household of 6, my parents made sure there was equal distribution of chores for all four of us, I have an older brother and two younger sisters. We would quarrel over whose turn it was and sometimes it could get real ugly because there are just those times when a sibling is too lazy to do his or her assigned task. It’s kind of like our body parts, when a part of the body does not do its part, the lot is affected. Our pastor mentioned this in one of his sermons that even our rears, if it refuses to functions the results could be toxic and taxing!

I’m not saying that I do every chore that was assigned to me then, I’m only human (cliche excuse, I know) I get lazy and sometimes when the plates are ‘sky’s the limit’ i just want it to ‘Skyfall.’ (I crack myself up! Please do not murder me for my sense of humor. I beg you!) I am not proud for leaving the dishes to wash themselves (because sometimes I go to the sink after a nap or watching a show and it’s squeaky clean!) I am making up for my mistakes now, for real, I swear.

On being overworked–it is not a secret that if something gets overworked it malfunctions, may it be computers, cars, appliances, basically everything that is mechanical and well you get the point, and yes, even people.

There are some people who are workaholics, yes I know we stress ourselves a lot because we are so dedicated and we don’t know a life apart from our work but being overworked brings being a workaholic to a whole new level. Know that being a workaholic is a choice, so is being overworked, but sometimes, people depend so much on you that they give you most of the work and you take it all. Either you love being overworked or you just can’t say ‘no.’

And then it appears that as you go up the success ladder in your company the less work you have but just look at the fresh grads, the entry-level positions, the fresh and new guys–they get most of the legwork done, do they get the pay they deserve, sadly, NO.

On doing work that is not supposedly your job–Yes my friends, I know we all know this. You’d hate to be the person taking over because your colleague, sibling or house mate did not do their job because of a reason only they can rationalize. I mean you work hard enough to get your own stuff together and to have to get someone’s job done because they didn’t do it, is too much. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want a job because the person in charge does not want to do it. Come on man, what the heck?

Being overworked is costly. If you are fatigued because of your heavy workload, you wouldn’t really function well. Your output is compromised and that’s just not good. If you are a supervisor and you have an overworked employee, chances are the output of your division is compromised. There is more work to be done if the quality of the output turns out to be crap and well, more work means more time, more time spent on one task or project costs more money.

Thing is, when one unit does not function, it makes the other units’ loads heavier and that’s just not right.

I think that everyone is part of some sort of system. Every individual has a function. The workload is distributed for a reason and there’s a protocol to follow, that’s how the system will work. Move to some solitary part of the world if you don’t want to be part of this system because the system for delegation of tasks is everywhere, it is present even in the basic unit of society and yes I’m talking about our own household.

Everyone has problems of their own. We all are going through things in life and there is possibly no excuse not to function in our own tasks because we each have them. The system, not to mention the working environment, would be much more pleasant if everyone’s being responsible and pitching in to get things going.

I would like to rant more about how unequal the distribution of labor in where I am at but I guess, that will do my no good. So, on this regular day, here in the office, I do what needs to be done with hopes that I’m contributing my best and making the world a better place.


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